Taranto, Italy, September 26, 2013. Ilva chimney E312 during the night: this is the major suspect for the release of dioxin in the area. There are no certain data due to partial monitoring under progress. It is easy to see how this chimney works heavier during the night than during the day. ### Taranto, Italia, 26 Settembre 2013. Emissioni del camino E312 dell'Ilva durante la notte:  il maggiore indiziato del rilascio di diossina nella zona. Non vi sono, per˜, dati certi, in quanto i monitoraggi fatti sono parziali e tuttora sotto indagine. é evidente ad occhio nudo come le sue emissioni siano maggiori durante la notte e nelle giornate nuvolose.

Household’s carbon footprint estimation and distribution

This is the topic of an ongoing set of studies to which I am taking part. More specifically I am studying how household’s CO2 emissions are distributed along the levels of income, consumption, wealth and geographical areas; how the revenues from a hypothetical carbon tax could be best used; which are the standing gaps in the current literature on the topic; which is the role of fossil fuel subsidies.


Malerba, D., Ward, H., Gaentzsch, A., & Roscioli, F. The Impacts of Carbon Taxes and Cash Transfers on Poverty and Inequality Across Years: A Peruvian Case Study. Available at SSRN 4113769.

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